These offices shall be voted upon annually at the Annual General Meeting:
i. President
ii. Vice President;
iii. Secretary;
iv. Treasurer;
v. Chief Officers
– Chief Communication Officer;
– Chief Networking Officer;
– Chief Funding Officer;
– Chief Academic Officer;
– Chief Competition Officer; and
– Editor-in-Chief

  All candidates for office shall be Faculty’s students in good standing and shall meet all the requirements of candidacy.

  The requirements of candidacy shall be decided by the Election Committee, with written consent from the Advisor of the Society

  The requirements of candidacy shall be made public.

  The officers shall be elected by a secret ballot

  All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those voting members casting secret ballots with a quorum

  The officers shall serve for one year, and their term of office shall begin immediately following their election

  Elections and campaign procedures shall be regulated by the Election Committee.

  All voting members shall receive advance notice of the election at least thirty days before the election shall take place.

  The elections results shall be conclusive and shall not be challenged in any manner whatsoever unless the same appears as grossly unfair or unjust