The Executive Board shall be comprised of:
i. President
ii. Vice President;
iii. Secretary;
iv. Treasurer;
v. Chief Officers
– Chief Communication Officer;
– Chief Networking Officer;
– Chief Funding Officer;
– Chief Academic Officer;
– Chief Competition Officer; and
– Editor-in-Chief

  The Executive Board shall implement all policies and programme decisions of the Society

  Any general resolution made by the Executive Board shall be made in good faith and shall be consistent with the principles of the Society

  The President or, in the absence of him or her, the Vice President shall preside over all Executive Board meetings.

  The position of the President shall not be held by a Faculty student from the same department as the outgoing President.

  The position of the President shall be on a rotational basis between Faculty’s students from the Department of Law and Department of International Relations

  If the position of the President is held by a student from the Department of Law, the position of Vice President shall be held by a student from the Department of International Relations and vice versa.

  To be eligible to be elected as the President and Vice President, the candidates must have been previously served as one of the officers of the Society for one year

  The Executive Board shall register the Society with ILSA Headquarters annually

  Provisions on rotational basis will come into force in the Society’s second election and onwards

  In situation where provisions on rotational basis are not possible, the Election Committee has to consult with the Advisor of the Society to find a suitable solution.