Any three voting members of the Society may initiate officer’s removal through a written petition

  The petition shall be submitted to the Impeachment Committee through correspondence.

  The charged officer shall be given a letter of temporary leave from the office by the Secretary of the Society upon notification by the Impeachment Committee

  Impeachment Committee shall notify the charged officer and call for removal vote in a Special Meeting within fifteen days after the submission of the petition.

  Members of the Society shall be notified within fifteen days before the Special Meeting.

  At the Special Meeting, the written petition shall be made public, and the officer charged shall be allowed to respond to the charges of the petition.

  Removal from office shall require a majority vote of all voting members with a quorum

  Impeachment may be initiated by the Advisor of the Society by his or her motion.

  The decisions undertaken by the Impeachment Committee shall be conclusive and shall not be challenged in any manner whatsoever unless the same appears as grossly unfair or unjust

  If the impeached officer is a part of the Impeachment Committee, he or she shall leave the Committee temporarily during the period of the proceeding

  He or she shall not participate and involve in the work of the Impeachment Committee