Members of the Committees shall be comprised of voting members of the Society

  A member of the Special Committees shall not serve in more than one Special Committee concurrently

  Members of the Committees shall be accepted into such membership for a period not exceeding three years by a majority vote of the Executive Board with written consent from the Advisor of the Society.

  There shall be no more than five members in any Special Committee

  Members of the Committees cannot be impeached, but he or she may be removed from the membership by a motion of the Advisor of the Society in a Special Meeting

  Removal of members of the Committees shall require a majority vote of all voting members with a quorum

  The removal procedure of the Special Committees members shall follow provisions for impeachment (ARTICLE XV), mutatis mutandis.

  Members of the Committees may resign from the position by tendering a letter of resignation to the Executive Board

  The tenure of the Special Committee members shall be automatically terminated if he or she is no longer a voting member of the Society

  The Special Committees shall produce a report explaining the decisions undertaken

  Official communication from and to the Committees shall be through correspondence